About Ash

Hi! I'm Ash, 20 (He/Him, They/Them).

A Pokémon fan who makes 3D renders based around the idea of "Pokémon in Real Life" inspired by the works of Wiimonkey2 and Pokémon GO.

And a huge Gardevoir fan (if it wasn't obvious already) and a lot of my renders are of/will include my OC Gardevoir, Helia (Lea).

If you like what I make and want to support me so I can continue making these renders, you can support me by checking out my socials here:

And if you'd like to Buy Me a Coffee, you can do that here:

(Buy Me a Coffee! Members get Early Access and 4K versions of my renders.)

I also do Graphics Design, Web Design and UI/UX stuff but we don't talk about that here. Boring portfolio stuff.